Free junior membership for under 11’s

Book on any golf program (1 or more) and get free golf membership for under 11 years

Our program include the National ‘Golf Passport’ learning stages that are multi-layered for a complete novice golfer, into a junior golfer ready for membership at a golf club with 3 key levels: START, LEARN and PLAY.

  • START level is all about fun and an elementary introduction to golf.
  • LEARN level is a move towards technical instruction through games based learning, always with the emphasis on fun.
  • PLAY level teaches the child to apply their learning to the golf course, preparing them for potential club membership and competition. However, access to the golf course and playing golf on a course are important features of the Junior Golf Passport from the START in order to develop a real connection to golf.

The program is presented as both a physical and web based resource using both formats to track performance and progression. Our programs are delivered in 5-week blocks covering a different subject each week. For additional information please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Junior Golf School Programs

Each program runs for 5 consecutive weeks on the same day and time, costing just £30.00 per junior.

Program start dates 2018 coming soon:


Additional information:

  • Under 9’s (09:30 until 10:30)
  • 10 – 14 years (10:30 until 11:30)
  • All ages (13:00 until 14:00)
  • No equipment needed or experience needed
  • To book please contact 01763 243476 and speak to our trained professionals Ryan or Luke

Please get in contact if you are interested in having golf at your school by emailing:

The Academy Course at Royston

Having opened in 2016 our 3 Hole Academy Course at Royston is great for juniors and beginners alike. Its short but but challenging and is frequently used during the running of our programs.

  • Hole 1 – 72 Yards
  • Hole 2 – 89 Yards
  • Hole 3 – 46 Yards

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More about our Junior Coaching programs

Our programs cover the following key areas of golf;

– Short putting
– Long putting
– Lag putting
– Green reading
• Short game
– Lofted chip
– Chip and run
– Pitching
– Bunker play
– Grip
– Stance
– Ball position
– Swing technique
On the course
– Rules of play
– Course management
– Awkward lies
• Fit for golf
– Power
– Stability
– Flexibility
– Fundamental
Ready for Golf
– Preparation
– Warm up
– Rules and Etiquette
Skills for life
– Honesty
– Resect
– Cooperation
– Perseverance

The website for the Junior Golf Passport plays a huge role in the strength and success of the program. The website offers a comprehensive support tool for child and coach allowing both parties to track progression and performance. The website also includes: player profile, messaging, player locker room, online shop, games, quizzes and much more.

The equipment needed to run the program is very minimal. Alongside traditional facilities and equipment such as the driving range and practice ground, putting green, practice bunker, golf course and cones, the games do not require any additional equipment.

Volunteers and parents can play a huge part in the program and it is recommended to engage parents from day one and throughout the coaching program. The involvement of parents is encouraged to help aid the learning potential of their own child.

One key consideration of the program is safety. Safety is listed as a Skill for Life within the program and applies to all those involved including children parents, volunteers and coaches. Steps are taken in each session plan to provide clear guidelines for safety guidelines.

For more information of Junior Golf Passport click here

Royston Golf Club is an ‘Official Golf Roots Centre’ Find out what it means click here