Weekly News September 2nd


Royston Golf Club Ladies Section are proudly celebrating winning the Mary Cole Rosebowl Trophy. The competition was held at Royston on Monday this week. The team of Kim Bradfield, Helen Steverson and [best nett score of the day] Sandra Williams beat 16 teams from the Cambs and Hunts Ladies Golf Association to win with a nett total of 231 ahead of Ely City’s 234. The Ladies were delighted to receive the Trophy from County President Maureen Mansfield and thank everyone at the Club for supporting and helping them in hosting the event.Over the Bank Holiday weekend Royston Golfers said ‘goodbye’ to their Club Professional Ryan. They played for either the Captain or the Professional, in the annual ‘Pink Pig’ competition. This was a closely fought match played in soaring temperatures, which the Professional’s team won by 4 points. It was a fitting tribute to Ryan Wingate’s final day at the Club.During the week the Ladies beat Girton in a friendly match 4 and a half to a half and the Seniors beat St Neots 6 games to 2. In addition Sandy Griffin won the Ladies Bogey and Helen Steverson won the Fun ‘string’ competition for the Ladies. Peter Law and Rob Mc Shane were the recent winners of the Thursday Roll Up with 39 points each ahead of David Tall and Andrew Ball. Sadly the Scratch A and B teams both lost by a close margin.Finally the Senior Open, celebrating the Club’s 150th anniversary was held at Royston on Friday. It was well attended with 96 golfers from 28 different Clubs across the country. The winners were the team from The Millbrook, with Eddie Collins’ team in second place. The Best Front prize went to Crews Hill and the Best Back to Ray Sammons’ team.