Golf on Therfield Heath, first came into being in 1869 when two Cambridge Undergraduates thought this would be an excellent position for a Golf Links that could be used by fellow students.
These two gentlemen were Lord Dunedin and George Gosset both very keen golfers who came over with a bag of clubs each and set out arranging their golf course by establishing the holes by position and distance is accordance to their striking a golf ball.
rgc-history-3The course unfortunately only lasted two years when in 1871 it was felt that Royston was too far from Cambridge.
However is 1890 the idea of a golf course on the Heath came to the fore again. This time it was with the encouragement of the Conservators and the help of two gentlemen from the new formed Cambridge University golf Club.
The course that was designed followed much of the original eighteen holes set out in 1869. This was the prelude to the establishment of Royston Golf Club on the 1st May 1892 and although there have been many changes over the past thirty years, mainly to increase the length and avoid playing over the road, every effort has been made to preserve its character.